to a highly personal History of the Universe, including all those people, and all those events, that really matter - to me!

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And in addition, commencing April 2018, dates marked in amber on the calendar, and text marked as Amber on the blog-page, will list those people and events which are in planning, even perhaps in process - so watch that space for the amber to switch to green (or lilac actually).

My novel "A Journey in Time", due for publication very soon, tells the tale of a history professor in search of the universal history of his birthday, and his partnership with a woman who lives as though she were the reincarnation of Amelia Earhart, as well as being obsessed with trying to find all the living people with whom she shares a birthday - a satire, as you will no doubt have deduced from this blurb. But behind all satire lies a serious purpose: a desire to explore the nature of time - and of history, which is one of its manifestations - in order to witness the recurrent themes, to identify the lessons that perhaps we might one day try to learn.

In this blog I am attempting to create what is neither a sequel nor a prequel but a kind of paraquel, a book-along-similar-lines, though whether there will be any plot, or characters besides the historical, remains doubtful. 

Where "Journey" is fixed on a single date, this will cover the entire year, but focus on a single subject: the creations and achievements of the human brain, whether in art and literature and music, in science and exploration, even, rarely though that may be, in politics; and especially those remarkable humans who tend to be overlooked, ignored, forgotten or prohibited.

And how will I decide what to include, and what to leave out? At one moment of the novel, the narrator comments that "history is only ever significant when it is also personal" - whence also the comment at the top of this page: I will be including only those people and events that have had an impact on me... 

I am interested, for example, in Lawrence of Arabia, and in Catherine of Aragon, because, in my teens, I watched immensely powerful movies about them, both as it happens starring Peter O'Toole. 

I am not that interested in the Rebbes of Chasidim, but Menachem-Mendl of Kocke fascinates me, because he may be family. 

I am drawn to certain landscape paintings of the French impressionists, mostly those of the cliffs and coast of Etretat - because I used to visit those cliffs on my velomoteur, when I was living in Le Havre. 

And so this list could go on. 

The historical characters in certain songs by Bob Dylan, because I like those songs.

An obscure Bengali poet named Rabindranath Tagore, because my new-residents hostel in Ramat Aviv was on a street that bore his name.

What turns out to have been a very important scientist at NASA, though I only learned this after he retired, and then the chance discovery that he was a distant cousin of my ex-wife.

These, in the end, are what draw us in, and it seems to me an entirely valid method of auto-biography, one that records the growth of the inner life rather more interestingly than the all-too-often banal details of the outer life.

And now, feel free to use the NavigateByDate link at the top right hand corner of every page - what's the betting the first date you'll choose will be your own birthday!

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