December 31

Apocalypse Now

The last day of the calendar year is traditionally the eve of the apocalypse, so I am using this date to offer a number of ways in which the apocalypse is already happening.

Global warming is well enough known not to require more than a mention here (though in terms of the impact that it is likely to have on world over-population, it is, truthfully, just the tip of the iceberg). 

But what about the other routes to impending death?

Food, for example. Did you know that the biggest cause of brain disease and obesity in the western world is... supermarket chickens. Once you've heard the medical evidence, and before that seen the conditions in which the fowl are reared, you may never want to eat anything again. Take a look at the video, and when you've watched it, watch its second part as well:



As to all the other routes to impending death - go to my blog The World Hourglass (click here) and then choose any page, literally any page...

Amber pages

Jacques Cartier, French explorer, born today in 1491; Charles Edward Stuart, Scotland's "Bonnie Prince Charlie", born today in 1720; Henri Matisse, French painter, born today in 1869; Simon Wiesenthal, Nazi hunter, born today in 1908; Odetta Homes Felious Gordon, folk-blues singer, born today in 1930; Krishna Bhanji, actor, better known as Ben Kingsley, born today in 1943

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