April 28

Amber pages

Harper Lee (Nelle Harper), novelist ("To Kill a Mockingbird"), born today in 1926. Will I be able to write about her, and not talk about Dill being based on Truman Capote? Will I be able to write about her and not rant until the froth requires cartooning on the page, about the disgraceful publication of that book she had rejected, the one I cannot even bring myself to name? No chance with either of these.

Several almanacs tell me that, today in 1945, "Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator, shot" and I am taken by surprise, because my personal pubquiz bot, the part that gets minorly activated when University Challenge is on the television, is sure that he was necklaced to a lamp-post and left pendant there... or have the almanac writers jumped to a false assumption, seeing the word "assassinated" or "overthrown" or some-such... The full story can be read here; the video watched here.

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