July 11

Amber pages

I particularly enjoy those many days on which the seemingly incompatible come together, or where pure coincidence conjoins them. So, today, the two ends of the spectrum of literary commentary:

Dr. Thomas Bowdler, self-appointed censor, born today in 1754 (an essay on him in my soon-to-be-published collection of literary essays "Homage To Thomas Bowdler") 

and Harold Bloom, heir of Eliot and Leavis, rival of Eagleton and Greer, a literary critic from that school that Tom Wolfe once called "the two old piles of bones" (he was intending Mailer and Bellow, but he would likely have included Bloom); born today in 

And today in 1613, the first Romanov Czar, Michael I, was crowned (the current Romanov Czar was raised to the monarchy in August 1999, became Acting Czar on
December 31, 1999, but was not officially crowned until March 26, 2000)

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