August 7

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Louis Leakey, British archaeologist and anthropologist, born today in 1903. Which is true, but to write about him it is necessary to write about Mary Leakey as well, born February 6th 1913, because they worked together, and discovered together, some of the most important discoveries ever made by those who pologise for the anthro and ologise for the archae.

Vostok 2, piloted by Gherman Stepanovich Titov, orbited the earth today in 1961... and yes, we know that John Glenn had already achieved the first orbit, but yah-boo-sucks to you Americans, he only went round three times, where our man, our proof of the superiority of Communist science, he went round a dizzying seventeen times, so there!

And yah-and-boo-and sucks back to you Ruskies, because you forgot that it was us, today in 1959, our Explorer VI, which took the very first photograph of Earth taken from space... and here it is (can't see Russia on that photo anywhere, must be on the dark side...)

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