December 30

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Simon Guggenheim, American capitalist and philanthropist, born today in 1867, younger brother of Solomon, who built the New York art museum, slightly younger brother of Benjamin Guggenheim, who was part of that little group of wealthy Jewish friends who died together on the Titanic (see December 23), and whose daughter Marguerite, generally known as Peggy, built her own art museums, in Bilbao and Venice... quite a family (bottom left is Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, currently being built)

Rudyard Kipling, who was a far, far better poet than his reputation today allows, and who is chiefly remembered for authoring "The Jungle Book" because Victorianism is in such disrepute, born today in 1865 - see my defense of him here

And today in 1853, the United States of America paid Mexico a paltry $10 million for the purchase of Arizona and New Mexico - click here for a PBS cartoon-map, showing the timeline of American take-over of Mexico. 

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