September 15


de la 
Rochefoucauld’s birthday
today in 1613
some of my 

and below,

the reason why the date

at the top of this page

is not


No marking of this particular anniversary
not in Russia
not outside Russia.

Eighty-eight years
and nothing -
not even an absurd gematria
on those unmystical numbers.

The Cold War is no longer hot
America has new enemies
and anyway that terrible ideology
has been consigned
to oblivion

perhaps unfairly
but inevitably
and not because it failed
or erred
but simply because it lost

So no marking of this particular anniversary
except in the lines
of this journal-poem
where it is noted
in passing
for lack of anything else to write
that Alexander Kerensky
proclaimed Russia to be a Republic
in 1917

(you can find more on Kerensky and his failed democracy in "The Captive Bride")

Amber pages

James Fenimore Cooper, novelist, the last of the Mohicans, born today in 1789

Jessye Norman, opera singer, born today in 1945

And a major day for independence among the countries of South America

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