April 12

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The Fourth Crusade sacked Constantinople, today in 

I am including this date, this event, because the broad subject is interesting, and that war between the three faiths, over Jerusalem but over more than just Jerusalem, is the active daily tale of all our lives, multi-dimensionally, today. But why this specific? On what date did the Third Crusade, or the Second, the First - was there a Fifth? - begin, end, sack, retreat? And did they actually do anything else but sack? I am struggling to determine how, and why, let alone where, or when, to place my focus. So there is the gap between the personal and the universal. So there is a need for bridges.

And between the personal and the universal inside the event as well.  Today, for example, in 
1961: a spaceship was launched, which took the very first human ever out of Earth's atmosphere. A momentous occasion for the human race, of universal significance. 
   Then does it matter that the spaceship was named Vostok 1, that it happened to be launched out of the USSR, that the human happened to be male, rather than female, that he was named Yuri Alexseyevich Gagarin?

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