January 27

Amber pages

Mordechai Richler, Canadian author of the splendid "Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", born today in 1931

Dante Alighiere expelled from Florence, today in 1302 - the full tale is told on June 24

The trial of the Gunpowder Plotters began, today in 1606. But this too has its full tale told - including the rather interesting parts about who Guy Fawkes really was, and why that date - elsewhere in this blog: try November 5, you never know

South Vietnam unconditionally surrendered to North Vietnam, today in 1975 - yet one more on the sadly long list of foreign wars that America had no business to be involved in, and then lost.

And of course, Der Befreiung, the liberation of Auschwitz, by the Russians, today in 1945. Click here for what little is known of the precisely hows of what took place. Or perhaps you don't need to, because the pictures say it all.

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