January 19

Amber pages

Edgar Allen Poe born today in 1809 (no follow-up; click here to see "A Peep Behind The Scenes" in "Private Collection"

Paul Cézanne (that's his self-portrait on the left), born today in 1839

Janis Joplin born today in 1943

Simon Rattle born today in 1955

Ah yes, a personal history, the choices I make because these are the people I like, the events that are significant to me; but to make a choice is also to reject the alternatives - and this is why infinite variety is so much better (more useful) for humanity than the sameness of homogeneity, of globalism. Reduce everything to "The 100 Best-Loved" or "The Hall of Fame" or the "United States of Everywhere", and we all end up writing the same personal history. Give me a world with ten thousand languages, ten thousand city-states, ten million recipes and poems and sports...

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