January 19

Edgar Allen Poe born today in 1809 (no follow-up; click here to see "A Peep Behind The Scenes" in "Private Collection".

Paul Cézanne born today in 1839

Janis Joplin born today in 1943

Simon Rattle born today in 1955

Ah yes, a personal history, the choices I make because these are the people I like, the events that are significant to me; but to make a choice is also to reject the alternatives - and this is why infinite variety is so much better (more useful) for humanity than the sameness of homogeneity, of globalism. Reduce everything to "The 100 Best-Loved" or "The Hall of Fame" or the "United States of Everywhere", and we all end up writing the same personal history. Give me a world with ten thousand languages, ten thousand city-states, ten million recipes and poems and sports...

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