March 31

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The Tour d'Eiffel was inaugurated, today in 1889 - and is that, or am I imagining it, a deliberate shadow of the Eiffel Tower, along the spine and surface of the new World Trade Tower, Freedom Tower in New York? It would make a splendid homage if it is deliberate - Eiffel was one of the designers of the Statue of Liberty (see December 15)

1990: The Battle of Trafalgar Square that brought down Maggie Thatcher (see June 15) - not to be confused with the Battle of Trafalgar on October 21st 1805, which gave its name to the Square and is the reason why Admiral Nelson has a statue there. This was the Peasant's Revolt revisited, though the modern one had rather more men in suits than farm labourer clothing - for more on both, see June 15

The Warsaw pact was formally dissolved, today in 1991. Another GER to add to the long, long list.

But there is usually a positive to set against the negative, somewhere in the human realm. Today, March 31st, 1781 William Herschel gazed through his telescope, and discovered Uranus (though some almanacs insist it was on the 13th). Can someone tell me why we use the Latin rather than the Greek name, why it is Uranus, and not Ouranos?

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