August 26


Publication of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion"; its full title was "The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion". It came out in serial form originally; the first book version, with the complete text in one volume, was the Russian edition of 1905. But this largely went unnoticed. The first widely read editions were those published by White Russian émigrés in Europe after the Revolution of 1917, when Jews like Kerensky and Trotsky were the butt of much vitriol for overthrowing what the Whites cherished and longed to restore: Czar, class supremacy, privilege.

The Protocols were an act of deliberate counterfeit, perpetrated by anti-Semites for the specific purpose of libelling and derogating the Jews. The model was Maurice Joly's 1864 pamphlet against Napoleon III, which makes no mention of the Jews at any point, but imputes ambitions of world domination to the Frenchman. At some point in the 1890s, the Czar's secret police gave that document – "Dialogue aux Enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu, ou la politique au XIXème siècle" (click here to read it and its history in English) – to an anonymous agent, who fashioned out of it the Protocols. 

The first to question the authenticity – ironic this, in the light of its failure to recognise the deceit of the "Hitler Diaries" a half a century later – was "The Times of London"; specifically the journalist Philip Graves, half-brother of the poet Robert Graves. His comparisons with the Joly pamphlet alerted most people to the fraud, but not, apparently, the car-maker Henry Ford, who continued to sponsor publication out of his own pocket until as late as 1927 (another irony; in the decades after the Holocaust, when European Jews refused to drive Volkswagens or BMWs or Merecedes-Benz on principle, the favourite alternative was usually the American Ford; no one in Europe had any notion that Ford was himself a virulent anti-Semite).

The Nazis of course found much value in the Protocols, avowed their authenticity, and disseminated them widely; indeed, one can imagine Goebbels’ annoyance at not having dreamed them up himself. Since the defeat of Hitler they have re-emerged in Egypt, where General Nasser personally and publicly vouched for their authenticity, and in Franco's Spain in 1963. A Brazilian edition of 1937 shows a map of the world from an epicentre of Brazil, looped about by an Ophic serpent whose horns are a Star of David, and whose head and forked tongue, spitting out of Rio de Janeiro, shout the work’s contents:

                    Imperialismo de Israel
                    O plano dos Judeus para
                    a Conquista do Mundo
                    O Código do Anto-Cristo
                    Provas de autenticidade,
                    documentos, notas e

I speak no Portuguese, but even I can comprehend the gist of it.

For the record, since the beginning of this millennium, the "authenticity" of the Protocols has been endorsed by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Ekrima Sa'id Sabri, and the education ministry of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabian schoolbooks contain explicit summaries of the Protocols as factual), and it goes without saying that Hamas, in its charter, regards the Protocols as "embodying the plan of the Zionists". Paragraph 32, to be precise:
“The Zionist plan is limitless. After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying.” (click here for the full document)
The Protocols remain a best-seller in Syria and Lebanon, are distributed officially throughout the Arab-Muslim world, especially Iran and Turkey, and may easily be found in Venezuela, Malaysia and the Russian Federation.

And now there is the Internet, where e-texts may easily be found. My recommendation is here, a site formerly managed by Frank Weltner of the American National Alliance, a white-nationalist, anti-Semitic, white-separatist political organization founded by a physics professor named William Luther Pierce in 1974, and based in Hillsboro, West Virginia. The group ceased operations, as a "membership organization," in 2013, but the site is still active, still perpetrates Holocaust denial, and still believes that the Jews are dedicated to creating a world in which all human beings, like it or not, will be required to grow sidecurls, eat bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, and drink chicken soup. And no, I have no idea if matzah balls will be boiled or baked, or even, though this is more likely, half-baked.

Amber pages

Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, founder of modern chemistry, born today in 1743. Well, founder of French modern chemistry anyway; but these are matters of great national pride, and so we have to take them seriously. 

For the information, the Greek founder of modern chemistry, Hippocrates of Cos, was born, exact day unknown, but definitely in 460 BCE, which in the physics of eternal time only beats Lavoisier by a hair's breadth, whereas in the albumens of chemistry... 

   ... and why have I chosen Hippocrates and not Aristotle? Because this is about "modern chemistry", and "modern chemistry" regards Aristotle as having been entirely wrong on, well, actually, everything, whereas the Hippocratic Oath is very much still in force... 

The founder of Moslem chemistry is much harder to say, but only because there are so many candidates - and saying it is necessary, because the word "chemistry", like the word "alchemy", both stem from the Arabic al-chimia... 

   ... the founder of Moslem chemistry was probably Jabbir Ibn Hayyan, known in the West as Abu Geber, born on what was not then Christmas Day, though it was December 25th, the year 815 CE (200 AH), the land Iran, or Persia then. But he too wasn't French, and so he too doesn't count, any more than Lavoisier counts in America, or Britain - in Britain we have the English founder and the British founder, and they are different, the latter being a Scot - while everyone surely knows that the real founder of modern chemistry, and certainly the maker of the biggest contribution to chemistry, was a Russian, no a Chinaman, no a ...)

Enough of the stupidities of nationalism. A warm welcome into the zone of universal poetry and literature to Guillaume Apollinaire, born today in 1880, and Christopher Isherwood, sometime resident of Berlin, born today in 1904

But given that we were on the subject of modern chemistry before I rudely interrupted myself, Albert Sabin, the man who found an oral vaccine for polio, issued from the alchemical chaos today in 1906

And still speaking of alchemical chaos, it was today in 1883, on an island somewhere between Java and Sumatra named Krakatoa, that the biggest volcanic eruption ever, anywhere, at any time, took place, and 36,000 people died. Thirty-six thousand! Why didn't people leave? Can somebody who lives near Pompei or in a house on the San Andreas Fault, please answer that for me; I experienced several .0000001 magnitude earthquakes in San Francisco, and I can assure you that the bed swayed. So why didn't people leave? The volcano suddenly became active on May 26th, when one of its three cones started spewing ash-clouds that reached fully 6 miles high - that's 6, as in six, as in 10 kilometres; you couldn't somehow not have noticed it - with explosions audible a hundred miles away in Jakarta. And okay, accepted, by the end of May the activity had died down and no need to panic, poor people on these islands, long history, where to go, don't leave if you don't have to. But then it resumed on June 19th, and went on resuming, like a kettle whose lid isn't on properly so the auto-switch-off mechanism doesn't kick in and the kitchen's full of steam and the element's burning out... surely anyone with even an ounce of rowing-boat was out of there, I don't care where, even Australia where they probably won't let me in... and became paroxysmal today, August 26.

You can watch a video of what is actually a very low-level volcanic eruption, happening even as I write this (May 26 2018 by happenstance and sheer coincidence), Mount Kilauea in Hawaii, by clicking here

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