December 22

Amber pages

Jean Racine, France's Shakespeare,
born today in 1639 

GER day in Romania, the overthrow of Ceausescu, 
today in 1989

Fyodor Dostoevsky was due to be executed, today in 
1849, but was pardoned at the last minute

One of the very few whose greatness is of such magnitude that I am posting both her birth date (November 22, 1819) and her death date, George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans), her work still sadly incomplete, today in 

And on the same day, another who merits that accolade, Samuel Beckett (born April 13, 1906) reached his endgame, ceased waiting for Godot, took his final breath, and came to the last of his happy days, today in 

Ma Rainey, Gertrude Pridgett, "Mother of the Blues," died today in 1939 - listen to her singing here.

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