November 16

Amber pages

W.C. (William Christopher) Handy, the "Father of the Blues", born today in 1873 - another Joni Mitchell incipit: "W.C. Handy, I'm rich, and I'm fey, but I'm not familiar with your heyday..." - click here to hear it

Paul Hindemith, composer and teacher, born today in 1895

Chinua Achebe, Nigerian writer, born today in 1930

And today in 2348 BCE, Noah's flood ended. We know, because Noah kept a diary, on papyrus, in Babylonian cuneiform, and you can actually read it, right here:

"Thursday November 16 - 2348 BCE. Lions kept me up all night, non-stop roaring; going to have to move the gorillas to a different cage if they go on taunting them like this. Very pretty rainbow in the sky this lunchtime; you could almost see where the pot of gold might be. Still no sign of that bloody dove though; I hope the raven didn't mistake him for food and... no, wait a minute. I can see him now. And is that an olive branch in his mouth? Thank the gods, this ridiculous ordeal is over. Someone tell me, please, how we are supposed to start again when everybody here's a blood-relation, and no one on this entire boat has the slightest memory how to light a fire?"

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