October 23

Amber pages

Nicholas Appert, the French chef who invented the canning process, born today in 1752. I think I shall move this to his sell-by date, if I can find it, and then I can make a really awful morbid-joke...  no, just leave him on the shelf, ambered for all time, here.

Pierre Larousse, French grammarian and encyclopaedist, born today in 1817

William Coolidge, inventor of the X-ray tube, born today in 

Pele, or really Edson Arantes de Nascimento, Brazilian soccer great, born today in 

Oscar S. Straus became the first Jew appointed to the Cabinet in the USA - Secretary of Commerce and Labor - today in 1906. Many Straus references in this blog: December 23July 12, October 13

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