October 7

Amber pages

Niels Bohr, Danish atomic physicist, born today in 1885

Desmond Tutu, South African archbishop, born today in 1931 

Thomas Keneally, Australian novelist, born today in 1935 - see my essay on his "Schindler's Ark" in "Travels In Familiar Lands"

Charles Dutoit, Swiss orchestra conductor, born today in 1936 

Yo-Yo Ma, cellist, born today in 1955

1783 :Freedom granted to slaves who fought during the Revolutionary War

1949: Foundation of the German Democratic Republic, which is to say the DDR, the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, East Germany, Ostdeutschland, as opposed to the Federal Republic of Germany, which was the western half, and properly the Bundesrepublik Deutschland

1959 :Luna 3 (USSR) returned images of the Moon's farside. - the launch is on the previous page, but I am confused: on April 3 1966 Luna 10 became the first spacecraft to orbit the moon. How did Luna 3 manage to photograph its backside (the same view that Moses had of God, four thousand years previously) without also oribiting it, which I understand to mean "going all the way around it"? Answers in easy English please, in the Comments box at the foot of the page.

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