November 9

Amber pages

Ivan Turgenev, Russian author, born today in 1818

Anne Sexton, Robert Lowell's "other student", born today in 1928 (click here for November 17 to understand that moniker better)

The first issue of "Rolling Stone" published, today in 1967, with John Lennon as a soldier on the cover - how deliciously subversive!

And two events that it gives me great delight to juxtappose, because the second confirms the end, the failure, of the first; and the end, the failure, of the other great catastrophe that Europe inflicted on itself, the 20th century. Quite simply, no need for commentary:

Today in 1938, Kristallnacht

Tonight, on the stroke of midnight, in 
1989, the authorities in Berlin gave permission to open the gates and end the epoch of the Berlin Wall

(which is why my piece about it can be found tomorrow, on November 10, the day when the Charlies crossed the Checkpoint in huge numbers, and the serious demolition took place)

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