April 25

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Today in 1859, ground was broken for the Suez Canal, and on the 100th anniversary of that event, (though I suspect it was just coincidence), today in 
1959 the Saint Lawrence Seaway in Canada opened to traffic.

Today in 1908, the birthdate of Edward R. Murrow (Egbert Roscoe), pioneering broadcast journalist, the man who took on Senator McCarthy, and won - "Good Night and Good Luck".

And also today, in 1945, 46 countries gathered in San Francisco to organize the United Nations... and on June 26th of the same year its Charter was signed... and on August 21st 1950 its permanent site in New York was formally opened... but I have its more important first meeting on January 10, in London as it happens, the anniversary of the founding of its predecessor the League of Nations... so I will write my full piece there.

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