July 26

Amber pages

George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, born today in 1856 - see also
May 30

Stanley Kubrick, film director, born today in 

Carl Jung, who stole everything he knew from the universal unconscious, except for analytic psychology, which he stole from his surrogate-father and Super Ego role-model, Sigmund Freud, born today in 1875

Aldous Leonard Huxley, English novelist, came into the Brave New World, today in 1894 

Robert Graves, war poet, historical novelist, reborn as the sacred son of the White Moon-Mother Goddess, today in 1895

The first book in Esperanto was published today, in 1887. What's its title? Has it ever been read? Can anybody read it? Where do I find a copy? Is Esperanto now counted among the dead languages? Will the Charlemagnes of the EEC try to revive it, alongside that failed currency the Euro, in the United States of Europe (also to be known as The Fourth Reich) that they are hoping to inflict on us?

But of course that paragraph should have been presented as:
La unua libro en Esperanto estis publikigita hodiaŭ, en 1887. Kio estas ĝia titolo? Ĉu ĝi iam legis? Ĉu iu povas legi ĝin? Kie mi trovas kopion? Ĉu Esperanto nun estas inter la mortintaj lingvoj? Ĉu la Karolimoj de la EEC provos revivigi ĝin, apud tiu malsukcesa monero la Eŭro, en Usono de Eŭropo (ankaŭ esti konata kiel La Kvara Reĥo) ke ili esperas infligi nin?

see also August14 and December 15

Ezra Loomis Pound, US poet, was indicted for treason today, in 1943 (click here for my piece about him in Private Collection)

Because I like to remember those important moments which the world long ago chose to forget, or their media deliberately chose not to report when they happened: today, in 1953, the "26th of July Movement" was founded in Cuba, with an attack on the
Santiago de Cuba army barracks in hopes of starting a revolution that did eventually come, but fully six years later - and whatever you may think of the Castros, Battista was far, far worse, and Cuba under his regime what Sun City was to whites in apartheid South Africa, the place for Americans to go to get all the whores and porn and drugs and alcohol and gambling that they condemned as immoral and therefore prohibited back home, and which the native Cubans were expected, at low cost, to provide.

And speaking of people who overthrow despotic regimes and carry out much-needed land reforms as well as other radical social improvements, but themselves end up as despots and dictators anyway, today in 1956, Egypt - which is to say its just elected President Gamal Abdel Nassir - nationalised the Suez Canal.

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