July 1

Amber pages

Johann H. Heidegger, theologist of reformation, born today in 

Gottfried Leibnitz, the best of all German philosophers, born today in 1646; 

George Sand (Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin Dudevant, French novelist, born today in 1804;

Louis Bleriot, French aviator (the first to fly the English channel), born today in 1872;

Estee Lauder, cosmetics executive, born today in 1908 - 2 personal stories here, one the school in Warsaw, the other his chief rival, Max Factor...

The first flight around the world completed, today in 
1931 - 8 days, 16 hours. Wiley Post the pilot - and yet another Sherpa Tenzing for my list, the man in the other seat, the man without whom it could never have been done, but who is generally forgotten: Harold Gatty the name on this occasion, Post's navigator.

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