June 17

Amber pages

John Wesley, English clergyman and founder of Methodism, born today in 1703

Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky, Russian-born composer, born today in 1882

The Battle of Bunker Hill (which was actually Breed's Hill), the opening battle of the American Revolution, today in 1775 - and won, somewhat pyrrhically, by the English.

A waterproof fabric for raincoats patented, today in 
1823, by one Charles Mackintosh - I have added his name alongside Amelia Bloomer and Joseph Hansom and several others, on May 26

Last death by guillotine, in public, in France, today in 1939. The "victim" was one Eugène Weidmann - a German by birth, despite the French name - though the real victims were his numerous kidnappees and murderees, including the dancer Jean de Koven, an American socialite... the list goes on for twenty years, starting in Germany, and ends here

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