May 9

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For the Positive to be realistically positive, there also has to be the Zero. Relativity theory, applied to philosophy. Though I have no idea if it applies to the philosophy of:

Jose Orgeta y Gasset, born today in 1883; but, like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin on May 1, this is a name I feel I must have heard, ought to have heard, need to know something about;

whereas it definitely applies, mostly as a Zero, indeed as a Definite Negative, to:

"1607: First permanent English settlement in the US established (Jamestown, Virginia)".

My inclination is simply to rewrite it from the persepective of the indigenous people who had been living there for centuries, millennia possibly, but now displaced, inferiorised, conquered, the Powhatan apparently, an Algonquian-speaking people. Something like this perhaps, as part of a campaign of Boycott, Dispersement and Sanctions against the TomPaineist International Conspiracy:

We love America really; it's just that, just that... see my piece on the Statue of Liberty by clicking here, and then, below:

Today in 1969, William Beecher, military correspondent of the New York Times, published a front page dispatch from Washington, "Raids in Cambodia" ... the Americans have been secretly bombing it, and not just any sort of bombs either...

But how else do you overthrow tyrannies, remove despots, eradicate dictatorships, if not by taking up the bomb for what you believe is good and right?

And speaking of "love will rule the world, at gunpoint if necessary" (very bad form, I know, to quote oneself, but I need to sell books; it's from "The Flaming Sword"):

Today in 1976, Ulrike Meinhof, German terrorist leader, was found hanged in her cell. Was this another Steve Biko, or did she really commit suicide?

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