May 12

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Edward Lear, English painter and writer of nonsense poems

               There once was a man named Ed Lear,

               Whose poems were decidedly queer.
               Two lines and a rhyme.
               That's it? It's just fine.
               And now can we go for a beer?

Don't like that last line? Rhymezone reckons there are 429 words in the English language that rhyme with Lear, so you can surely make up your own improvement. And then go look at his paintings - I'll bet you didn't even know he painted? Musician too. But earned his living as an ornithologist. Polymaths of the world unite!

               Lear was born, by the way

               In London, in north Holloway,
               Though some call it Highgate.
               And as to the date,
               1812, on the 12th day of May

And eight years later (1820), Florence Nightingale, nurse and hospital reformer.

And eight years after that (
1828), Dante Gabriel Rossetti, English poet-painter, the man who invented the term "stunner".

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