May 24

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Today in 1917, "Russian peasants revolted" - this is how the Menshevik revolution led by Kerensky is described in an American almanac; a residue-of-the-Cold-War way of noting the Socialist revolution, but without having to use obscene words like "Socialist" or "Communist".
   And anyway, the almanac has it wrong - wrong by whichever of the two calendars you use. The revolution began on January 9th (old calendar - 22nd in the new), when the Bloody Sunday demonstrations turned decidedly red and strikes broke out, among the textile workers of St Petersburg especially. The actual revolution, the overthrow of the monarchy and its replacement by a provisional government, took place between March 8 and 12 in the old calendar, February 23-27 in the new, which is why it's called the February Revolution... but you can follow a complete timeline of the revolution by clicking here.
   And tell me, if you can, is such a huge error in dating such an important historical event, wilful and deliberate, an aspect of propaganda and acculturation, or simply incompetence and stupidity?

1941, Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman), born - click here.

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