June 3

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K, Joseph K and Karl 
Roßmann, simultaneously went missing, disappeared, or became lost, possibly in America (you can look up all those literary allusions for yourself); today in 1924.

The request to destroy (burn?) his manuscripts, and Max Brod's "betrayal" was it (that was the word I used when Nemo did the same for Tomas Dudando in "A Singular Shade of Grey")? What lay behind Kafka's request? Genuine humility? Fake humility? A sense of being so superior to the rest of humanity that he wouldn't have his great works soiled by being left with them to ignore, misunderstand, mis-represent (all of which has happened)? A contempt for those works, failures every one? Primo Levi threw himself down his stairwell because, three decades after the Holocaust, and his personal testimony at the trial of the Human Race, he couldn't accept that there were still no properly appointed judges, still no verdict, still no likelihood of any verdict ever being carried out, and only the endless repetition of the same crime all around him - he could see no point continuing, had no wish to ihabit a universal Auschwitz, and brought his own life to an end. But his life, not his works, which have outlived him, or should I say suvived him?

And today in 1972, the first woman rabbi was ordained in the United States, Sally Preisand by name, in Cincinnati - an important date no doubt for Americans, but there were women Rabbis in Europe long before the Holocaust - Beruriah, as long ago as the 2nd century CE, not officially a Rabbi because the orthodox will not give smicha to a woman, but she gets quoted in the orthodox anthologies; and Regina Jonas, Leo Baeck's colleague in Berlin, who died in Auschwitz... so this particular car will remain on the ramp.

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