August 22

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That great wit, Dorothy Parker, born today in 1893. 

It would definitely be interesting to write a piece about the Algonquin Club, but I'm not going to do a tribute to Dotty here, because I already published a tribute, in the much more appropriate form of a poem, in my 2013 collection "The Word and the Temple" (you can find it in the collected poems, "Welcome To My World", by clicking here).... 

                             oh, very well, here it is:

From A Stretched Limo 

It is not my usual custom to write verses
To a woman I am smitten with by love
God spare me sentiment that just rehearses
The chivalry of kissing on the glove

God spare me saccharine gestures made of verbiage
And platitudes passed off as profound wit
And imitation Romeos by Burbage
And sententious “Love Is” this or that bullshit

It is not my usual custom to write verses
To a woman I am smitten with by love
Most likely all I’ll get back is her curses
Or slapped for trying my chivalry on her glove

So unless you’re an Italian or Frenchman
Whose language offers love means to propose
Much better send your lady, through some henchman,
A copy of Dot Parker’s “Perfect Rose”

Or even better take advice from Dotty
Remember that it’s celluloid not silver screen
Forget the verses they’ll just drive you potty
And leave the roses in the limousine.[1]

Henri Cartier-Bresson, photographer, born today in 1908. And I simply couldn't resist - the photo on the right is his, of her above, © Magnum Photos

Karlheinz Stockhausen, German composer, born today in 1928

Battle of Bosworth, the one in which the king who didn't have a hunchback (that was Shakespeare's invention) didn't find himself without a horse (but nonetheless a great line for an actor). And wasn't it called Bosworth Field anyway? Today in 1485.

Michael Collins, founder of the Irish Republican Army, assassinated, today in 1922 - see my page on the Easter Uprising

The battle of Stalingrad began, today in 1942

[1]You can find the original Dorothy Parker "Perfect Rose" by clicking here

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