May 27

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Birthday, today in 1819, of Julia Ward Howe, the lady who wrote, or actually rewrote, the lyrics to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" - the full tale on December 2

Birthday, today in 1878, of Isadora Duncan, described on one website as a "US interpretive dancer". Don't you just love that! "It's all about US", rather than "it's all about ME" (oh, have I somehow misunderstood this... but "all about ME is ego, and she isn't ego, she's ID... no? am I still misunderstanding this?). And then the description: not a ballet dancer, not a plain dancer, but that wonderfully pseudo-pretentious "interpretive dancer", a hint of artistry and talent rather than mere choreographic obedience... "the lady with the red scarf" is how I have always thought of her, ever since Vanessa Redgrave made me fall in love with both of them when I was about fifteen (more on VW and ID on January 15)

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